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Hearing Aids

The team at Integrated Family Hearing ensures personalized care and support when selecting a hearing aid to ensure satisfaction.

Enjoy better hearing no matter what age you are!


In The Ear (ITE)

(Description of the ITE hearing aid)

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In The Canal (ITC)

(Description of the ITC hearing aid)

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Completely In Canal (CIC)

(Description of the CIC hearing aid)

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Receiver The Ear (RIC)

(Description of the RIC hearing aid)

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Behind The Ear (BTE)

(Description of the BTE hearing aid)

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Integrated Family Hearing works with several hearing aid manufactures that lead the marketplace in cutting edge technology. Hearing aids come in several technology levels from high end digital technology for the patient with extensive communication needs to basic digital hearing aids for patients with simpler communication needs.


  • Feedback Management
  • Noise Reduction
  • Automatic & Adaptive Programs
  • Wireless Technology
  • Bluetooth Technology

Questions to Ask When Selecting A Hearing Aid:

  • What style will be most comfortable and fitting for my lifestyle?
  • Where do I struggle most in communicating?
  • What environments am I most often in?
  • How active is my lifestyle?
  • Will I utilize advanced technology such as Bluetooth?

Our audiologists at Integrated Family Hearing are committed to finding the most appropriate and cost-effective hearing aid option for you! We take the time to speak with you regarding these important questions and help find the best option to suit your needs.